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NEXL - NEXL Event 5 2013

Event Location: Maynard Paintball Club, Sudbury, Massachusetts (Map) (Directions)
Event Date: Sunday, October 6th
Registration Deadline: Thursday, October 3rd 11:59 PM EST

Entry Fee Deadlines and Team Limits

Group Signed UpPaidLimitClassThrough
October 3rd
Signed UpPaidLimit
28 28 None Division 3 $1,000 16 16 None
Division 4 $1,000 12 12 None
Payment deadlines are at 11:59 PM EST unless otherwise noted above.

28 RaceTo-X teams paid of 28 teams registered.

Free Agents for this event

Division 3 RaceTo-4 (Sun)

AggressionRoster Payment Pending - Pay Now
ARMAGEDDONRoster Payment Accepted
BandidosRoster Payment Accepted
Boston MenaceRoster Payment Accepted
Libertys MinutemenRoster Payment Accepted
MayhemRoster Payment Accepted
New England BlizzardRoster Payment Pending - Pay Now
New England InvasionRoster Payment Accepted
New England PrideRoster Payment Accepted
Orange IguanasRoster Payment Accepted
RaptureRoster Payment Accepted
RipTideRoster Payment Pending - Pay Now
S.I.NRoster Payment Accepted
Section 8Roster Payment Pending - Pay Now
Sudbury SavageRoster Payment Accepted
Worcester RushRoster Payment Accepted
16 teams paid of 16 teams registered in this division.

Division 4 RaceTo-4 (Sun)

ALL In Empire KidZRoster Payment Accepted
All In EmpireRoster Payment Accepted
CreedRoster Payment Accepted
Mayhem MisfitsRoster Payment Accepted
NE UnitedRoster Payment Accepted
New England Blizzard IVRoster Payment Pending - Pay Now
New York InfectiousRoster Payment Pending - Pay Now
Preferred mobRoster Payment Pending - Pay Now
Providence RampageRoster Payment Accepted
Rod SquadRoster Payment Accepted
The CT EffectRoster Payment Accepted
Worcester SurgeRoster Payment Accepted
12 teams paid of 12 teams registered in this division.

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