PSP Events - World Cup

Prophecypr Kid - Young Guns 5-man (Sat-Sun)
Payment Pending
Prophecypr Kid
Young Guns 5-man (Sat-Sun)

Refund Policy

Prize Payee Policy

Your entry fee is a non-refundable deposit which guarantees your team a place in the tournament. As a courtesy, PSP may provide a full refund of your entry fee for refund requests made prior to the first registration payment deadline. Any refund requests granted after the first registration deadline will be subject to a fee equal to the late entry payment fee in effect at the time of the request. Absolutely NO refunds will be made after a schedule for your team's games has been released.

I agree to the refund policy I DO NOT AGREE to the refund policy
Prize Payee:

The Prize Payee is the party who is responsible for handling prizes received by your team, and is the party your team authorizes to collect any prizes your team has earned. If left blank, the prize payee will be whichever party pays the entry fee.

I agree to the prize payment policy I DO NOT AGREE to the prize payment policy

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