Eclipse Friday Schedule

7:00 Impact Kids vs TLords
7:08 CXP United vs Free Agents
7:16 Davis Fracture vs Bonehead Paintball
7:24 Crazy Mo Fos vs Lifestyle Clothing
7:32 TLords vs Pulse
7:40 Impact Kids vs CXP United
7:48 Free Agents vs Davis Fracture
7:56 Bonehead Paintball vs Crazy Mo Fos
8:04 Lifestyle Clothing vs Pulse
8:12 TLords vs CXP United
8:20 Impact Kids vs Free Agents
8:28 Davis Fracture vs Crazy Mo Fos
8:36 Bonehead Paintball vs Lifestyle Clothing
8:44 CXP United vs Pulse
8:52 TLords vs Free Agents
9:00 Impact Kids vs Davis Fracture
9:08 Bonehead Paintball vs Pulse
9:16 CXP United vs Lifestyle Clothing
9:24 TLords vs Crazy Mo Fos
9:32 Impact Kids vs Bonehead Paintball
9:40 Davis Fracture vs Pulse
9:48 Free Agents vs Lifestyle Clothing
10:06 Arsenal Predators vs Infamy
10:14 SCP Epic vs Stoned Assassins
10:22 Farside Kids vs One18
10:30 Part-Time Ninjas vs Allstars International
10:38 SURGE vs Ambush Army d2
10:46 Free Agents D2 vs Paradox
10:54 Ground Control vs NV
11:02 Arsenal Predators vs SCP Epic
11:10 Farside Kids vs Stoned Assassins
11:18 Infamy vs One18
11:26 SURGE vs Allstars International
11:34 Part-Time Ninjas vs Ambush Army d2
11:42 Free Agents D2 vs NV
11:50 Ground Control vs Paradox
11:58 Arsenal Predators vs Stoned Assassins
12:06 Infamy vs Farside Kids
12:14 SCP Epic vs One18
12:22 Allstars International vs Free Agents D2
12:30 Ambush Army d2 vs NV
12:38 SURGE vs Paradox
12:46 Arsenal Predators vs Ground Control
12:54 Stoned Assassins vs Part-Time Ninjas
1:02 Infamy vs SCP Epic
1:10 Farside Kids vs Allstars International
1:18 One18 vs Free Agents D2
1:26 Paradox vs NV
1:34 SURGE vs Ground Control
1:42 Infamy vs Part-Time Ninjas
1:50 SCP Epic vs Ambush Army d2
1:58 Stoned Assassins vs Allstars International
2:06 Arsenal Predators vs Farside Kids
2:14 One18 vs NV
2:22 Part-Time Ninjas vs Free Agents D2
3:16 The K.G.B. MOB vs Team Rip
3:22 Surgical Strike vs Good For Nothing
3:28 Adrenaline Rush vs Sick Individuals
3:34 Fresno Misfits vs Butterfly Thunder
3:40 Crusaders vs HD DRAMA
3:46 HECTIK vs Reapers
3:52 Team Tsunami vs TREMOR
3:58 Vegas ace vs Vegas Reapers
4:04 Team Rip vs Good For Nothing
4:10 The K.G.B. MOB vs Surgical Strike
4:16 Adrenaline Rush vs Fresno Misfits
4:22 Sick Individuals vs Butterfly Thunder
4:28 HD DRAMA vs Reapers
4:34 Crusaders vs HECTIK
4:40 Team Tsunami vs Vegas ace
4:46 TREMOR vs Vegas Reapers
4:52 Good For Nothing vs Fresno Misfits
4:58 Team Rip vs Adrenaline Rush
5:16 The K.G.B. MOB vs Sick Individuals
5:22 Surgical Strike vs Butterfly Thunder
5:28 Reapers vs Vegas ace
5:34 Crusaders vs TREMOR
5:40 HD DRAMA vs Team Tsunami
5:46 HECTIK vs Vegas Reapers
5:52 The K.G.B. MOB vs Fresno Misfits
5:58 Team Rip vs Butterfly Thunder
6:04 Crusaders vs Vegas ace
6:10 Surgical Strike vs Adrenaline Rush
6:16 Reapers vs TREMOR
6:22 Good For Nothing vs Sick Individuals
6:28 HECTIK vs Team Tsunami
6:34 HD DRAMA vs Vegas Reapers
6:40 Butterfly Thunder vs Vegas ace
6:46 Team Rip vs Crusaders
6:52 Surgical Strike vs Reapers
6:58 Adrenaline Rush vs TREMOR
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