Eclipse Saturday Schedule

7:30 Impact Kids vs Dark Riders
7:39 SCP EDGE vs CIA
7:48 CXP United vs L.A. Suicide
7:57 Retribution vs L.A. Distraction
8:06 Rockstar Wrecking Crew vs Dark Riders
8:15 Impact Kids vs CIA
8:24 SCP EDGE vs L.A. Suicide
8:33 CXP United vs L.A. Distraction
8:42 Retribution vs Dark Riders
8:51 Rockstar Wrecking Crew vs CIA
9:00 SCP EDGE vs L.A. Distraction
9:09 Impact Kids vs CXP United
9:18 Retribution vs L.A. Suicide
9:27 SCP EDGE vs Dark Riders
9:36 Impact Kids vs L.A. Distraction
9:45 Rockstar Wrecking Crew vs CXP United
9:54 Retribution vs CIA
10:03 Dark Riders vs L.A. Suicide
10:12 Surgical Strike vs Costa Nostra
10:18 Team Rip vs Good For Nothing
10:24 The K.G.B. MOB vs Free Agents
10:30 Adrenaline Rush vs Fresno Misfits
10:42 Surgical Strike vs Good For Nothing
10:48 Adrenaline Rush vs Free Agents
10:54 Costa Nostra vs Hellcats
11:00 Team Rip vs RNT KIDZ
11:06 The K.G.B. MOB vs Fresno Misfits
11:12 Surgical Strike vs Free Agents
11:18 Adrenaline Rush vs Good For Nothing
11:24 Costa Nostra vs RNT KIDZ
11:30 The K.G.B. MOB vs Hellcats
11:36 Team Rip vs DEEZ NUTZ
11:42 Surgical Strike vs Fresno Misfits
11:48 Good For Nothing vs RNT KIDZ
11:54 The K.G.B. MOB vs DEEZ NUTZ
12:00 Team Rip vs Hellcats
12:06 Costa Nostra vs Free Agents
12:12 Adrenaline Rush vs DEEZ NUTZ
12:18 Fresno Misfits vs Hellcats
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