Center Court Saturday Schedule

7:30 Black Cell vs REVOLUTION
7:39 Caprisun Cougars vs Infamy
7:48 SCP Epic vs One18
7:57 Monster Hitman vs WIRED
8:06 Stoned Assassins vs NYC Revolution
8:15 REVOLUTION vs Infamy
8:24 Black Cell vs Caprisun Cougars
8:33 SCP Epic vs Senate
8:42 Arsenal Predators vs Monster Hitman
8:51 NYC Revolution vs One18
9:00 Stoned Assassins vs REVOLUTION
9:09 Infamy vs WIRED
9:18 Black Cell vs Monster Hitman
9:27 Arsenal Predators vs Caprisun Cougars
9:36 REVOLUTION vs One18
9:45 SCP Epic vs NYC Revolution
9:54 Stoned Assassins vs Senate
10:03 Black Cell vs WIRED
10:12 Arsenal Predators vs Infamy
10:21 Caprisun Cougars vs One18
10:30 Monster Hitman vs NYC Revolution
10:39 SCP Epic vs REVOLUTION
10:48 Senate vs WIRED
10:57 Stoned Assassins vs Caprisun Cougars
11:06 Hollywood HK vs Rockstar Factory
11:15 DYNASTY Entourage vs The Outfit
11:24 Factory Black vs Warped Army
11:33 Arsenal Evolution vs Hollywood HK
11:42 DYNASTY Entourage vs Rockstar Factory
11:51 The Outfit vs Factory Black
12:00 Arsenal Evolution vs Warped Army
12:09 DYNASTY Entourage vs Rockstar Factory
12:18 The Outfit vs Factory Black
12:27 Arsenal Evolution vs Hollywood HK
12:36 Rockstar Factory vs Warped Army
12:45 DYNASTY Entourage vs The Outfit
12:54 Arsenal Evolution vs Factory Black
1:03 Hollywood HK vs Warped Army
2:12 Tampa Bay Damage vs X-Factor
2:21 St. Louis Avalanche vs Phoenix United
2:30 Los Angeles Infamous vs San Diego Aftermath
2:39 DC Arsenal vs Scottsdale Elevation
2:48 St. Louis Avalanche vs Tampa Bay Damage
2:57 Los Angeles Infamous vs X-Factor
3:06 Phoenix United vs Scottsdale Elevation
3:15 DC Arsenal vs San Diego Aftermath
3:24 Los Angeles Infamous vs St. Louis Avalanche
3:33 Tampa Bay Damage vs Scottsdale Elevation
3:42 X-Factor vs San Diego Aftermath
3:51 DC Arsenal vs Phoenix United
4:00 Los Angeles Infamous vs Scottsdale Elevation
4:09 St. Louis Avalanche vs San Diego Aftermath
4:18 Tampa Bay Damage vs Phoenix United
4:27 DC Arsenal vs X-Factor
4:36 San Diego Aftermath vs Scottsdale Elevation
4:45 Los Angeles Infamous vs Phoenix United
4:54 St. Louis Avalanche vs X-Factor
5:03 DC Arsenal vs Tampa Bay Damage
5:12 Phoenix United vs San Diego Aftermath
5:21 X-Factor vs Scottsdale Elevation
5:30 Los Angeles Infamous vs Tampa Bay Damage
5:39 DC Arsenal vs St. Louis Avalanche
5:48 X-Factor vs Phoenix United
5:57 Tampa Bay Damage vs San Diego Aftermath
6:06 St. Louis Avalanche vs Scottsdale Elevation
6:15 DC Arsenal vs Los Angeles Infamous
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