Field 1
8:37 RED DRANK vs Karnage
8:58 Animosity vs Wildfire
9:19 Atlanta Predators vs Karnage
9:33 House of PainT vs DIVINITY
10:01 RED DRANK vs Wildfire
10:15 Atlanta Predators vs DIVINITY
10:36 Animosity vs Karnage
10:57 House of PainT vs Wildfire
11:39 Animosity vs Atlanta Predators
11:53 House of PainT vs Karnage
12:51 Wildfire vs DIVINITY
1:05 RED DRANK vs Atlanta Predators
1:26 Animosity vs House of PainT
1:47 Karnage vs DIVINITY
2:08 Atlanta Predators vs Wildfire
2:29 RED DRANK vs House of PainT
2:43 Animosity vs DIVINITY
3:11 Wildfire vs Karnage
3:25 House of PainT vs Atlanta Predators
3:46 Animosity vs RED DRANK
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