Field 1
9:00 Blitzkrieg Young Guns vs N-tense Sports
9:05 ATB Unleashed vs Blitzkrieg
9:10 Trouble N Paradise vs DECEPTION Black
9:15 DECEPTION Gold vs Blitzkrieg D5
9:20 N-tense Sports vs Asylum TrueBallers
9:25 Blitzkrieg vs Team Shooters
9:30 Asylum Shockwave vs Steely Eyed Gunman
9:35 Astronauts vs DECEPTION Black
9:40 Blitzkrieg Young Guns vs Blitzkrieg D5
9:45 ATB Unleashed vs Team Shooters
9:50 TN Hooligans vs The INFIDELS
9:55 Trouble N Paradise vs Astronauts
10:00 Blitzkrieg vs N-tense Sports
10:05 Asylum Shockwave vs DECEPTION Gold
10:10 Asylum TrueBallers vs DECEPTION Black
10:15 Blitzkrieg D5 vs The INFIDELS
10:20 Astronauts vs Team Shooters
10:25 ATB Unleashed vs Asylum Shockwave
10:30 TN Hooligans vs Steely Eyed Gunman
10:35 Blitzkrieg Young Guns vs Asylum TrueBallers
10:40 Blitzkrieg vs DECEPTION Black
10:45 Asylum Shockwave vs The INFIDELS
10:50 Trouble N Paradise vs TN Hooligans
10:55 N-tense Sports vs Team Shooters
11:00 DECEPTION Gold vs Steely Eyed Gunman
11:05 ATB Unleashed vs Blitzkrieg Young Guns
11:10 Astronauts vs Asylum TrueBallers
11:15 TN Hooligans vs Blitzkrieg D5
11:20 Team Shooters vs DECEPTION Black
11:25 Steely Eyed Gunman vs The INFIDELS
11:30 Blitzkrieg vs Asylum TrueBallers
11:35 Asylum Shockwave vs Blitzkrieg D5
11:40 Blitzkrieg Young Guns vs DECEPTION Gold
11:45 ATB Unleashed vs Steely Eyed Gunman
11:50 Trouble N Paradise vs The INFIDELS
11:55 Astronauts vs N-tense Sports
12:00 TN Hooligans vs DECEPTION Gold
12:05 Asylum TrueBallers vs Team Shooters
12:10 Blitzkrieg D5 vs Steely Eyed Gunman
12:15 Trouble N Paradise vs ATB Unleashed
12:20 N-tense Sports vs DECEPTION Black
12:30 Astronauts vs Blitzkrieg
12:35 TN Hooligans vs Asylum Shockwave
12:40 Trouble N Paradise vs Blitzkrieg Young Guns
1:00 5man-Finals-D5 Seed 2 vs 5man-Finals-D5 Seed 3
1:06 5man-Finals-D5 Seed 1 vs 5man-Finals-D5 Seed 4
1:30 5man-Finals-D5 Seed 2 vs 5man-Finals-D5 Seed 4
1:36 5man-Finals-D5 Seed 1 vs 5man-Finals-D5 Seed 3
2:00 5man-Finals-D5 Seed 3 vs 5man-Finals-D5 Seed 4
2:06 5man-Finals-D5 Seed 1 vs 5man-Finals-D5 Seed 2
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