Tip: NXL Pro Tiebreakers exclude cross-bracket games.
Tip: NXL Tiebreakers are:
Score (5 pts for a win, 1 pt for a tie, 0 pts for a loss)
Number of matches won
Number of matches won against tied teams
Head-to-head competition
Least points scored against
Most game time remaining in wins
Least game time remaining in losses

NXL Great Lakes Open

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WildDivision 41ScoreWinsAvg Mgn
2 New England Crusade 4-0 5 1 4
4 N.O. Bounty 0-4 0 0 -4
WildDivision 41ScoreWinsAvg Mgn
1 Detroit Action 4-1 5 1 3
3 OUTLAWS 1-4 0 0 -3
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