8:30 Thorn Amongst Roses vs Miramar Reapers
8:45 Riverside Optimistic vs San Diego Undisputed
9:00 The Goodfellas vs SHOWTIME
9:15 San Diego Kings vs Beat down
9:30 Aggzilla vs Miramar Reapers
9:45 Reff-MobFriends vs San Diego Undisputed
10:00 Thorn Amongst Roses vs SHOWTIME
10:15 Riverside Optimistic vs Beat down
10:30 The Goodfellas vs Aggzilla
10:45 San Diego Kings vs Reff-MobFriends
11:30 SHOWTIME vs Miramar Reapers
11:45 Thorn Amongst Roses vs Aggzilla
12:00 The Goodfellas vs Miramar Reapers
12:15 Aggzilla vs SHOWTIME
12:30 The Goodfellas vs Thorn Amongst Roses
12:45 Beat down vs San Diego Undisputed
1:00 Riverside Optimistic vs Reff-MobFriends
1:15 San Diego Kings vs San Diego Undisputed
1:30 Reff-MobFriends vs Beat down
1:45 San Diego Kings vs Riverside Optimistic
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