Walk On Nation Event #4
8:00 The Goodfellas 2 vs Riverside Optimistic
8:08 Kodiak Republic vs SD Showtime
8:23 SD ICON vs Strategy
8:31 bLAk vs Vice
8:39 VANDALS vs Chupacabras
8:54 San Diego Undisputed vs Equestria Royal Guards
9:02 Riverside Optimistic vs Charlie Fox Crew
9:10 The Goodfellas 2 vs SD ICON
9:18 Black Mamba vs Kodiak Republic
9:33 Strategy vs bLAk
9:41 Vice vs San Diego Undisputed
9:49 Task Force Killas vs Chupacabras
10:04 Equestria Royal Guards vs Charlie Fox Crew
10:12 Riverside Optimistic vs SD ICON
10:20 The Goodfellas 2 vs Strategy
10:28 The Goodfellas vs SD Showtime
10:43 bLAk vs San Diego Undisputed
10:51 Vice vs Equestria Royal Guards
10:59 Black Mamba vs VANDALS
11:14 SD ICON vs Charlie Fox Crew
11:22 Riverside Optimistic vs Strategy
11:30 The Goodfellas 2 vs bLAk
11:38 The Goodfellas vs Task Force Killas
11:53 Vice vs Charlie Fox Crew
12:31 SD ICON vs Equestria Royal Guards
12:39 Riverside Optimistic vs San Diego Undisputed
12:47 VANDALS vs Kodiak Republic
1:02 The Goodfellas 2 vs Vice
1:10 bLAk vs Charlie Fox Crew
1:18 Chupacabras vs SD Showtime
1:33 Strategy vs Equestria Royal Guards
1:41 SD ICON vs San Diego Undisputed
1:49 Riverside Optimistic vs Vice
1:57 Task Force Killas vs Kodiak Republic
2:12 The Goodfellas 2 vs Charlie Fox Crew
2:20 bLAk vs Equestria Royal Guards
2:28 The Goodfellas vs Chupacabras
2:43 Strategy vs San Diego Undisputed
2:51 SD ICON vs Vice
2:59 The Goodfellas 2 vs Equestria Royal Guards
3:07 Black Mamba vs SD Showtime
3:22 Riverside Optimistic vs bLAk
3:30 Strategy vs Charlie Fox Crew
3:38 Task Force Killas vs VANDALS
3:53 The Goodfellas 2 vs San Diego Undisputed
4:01 Riverside Optimistic vs Equestria Royal Guards
4:09 SD ICON vs bLAk
4:17 The Goodfellas vs Black Mamba
4:32 Strategy vs Vice
4:40 San Diego Undisputed vs Charlie Fox Crew
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