Field 1
8:00 Thorn Amongst Roses vs SD Notorious
8:08 Cobra Kai vs Chupacabras
8:16 Kodiak Republic vs Riverside Optimistic
8:24 SD Showtime vs IV RAPTORS
8:32 Equestria Royal Guards vs San Diego Voltage
8:40 SD Notorious vs Heaven Hell
8:48 The Goodfellas vs The Goodfellas 2
8:56 Chupacabras vs Kodiak Republic
9:04 Thorn Amongst Roses vs IV RAPTORS
9:12 Team bLAk vs Heaven Hell
9:20 The Goodfellas 2 vs San Diego Voltage
9:28 Equestria Royal Guards vs SD Notorious
9:36 SD Showtime vs The Goodfellas
9:44 Kodiak Republic vs Cobra Kai
9:52 Team bLAk vs IV RAPTORS
10:00 San Diego Voltage vs Heaven Hell
10:08 The Goodfellas 2 vs Chupacabras
10:16 Riverside Optimistic vs SD Showtime
10:24 Cobra Kai vs Thorn Amongst Roses
10:32 SD Notorious vs The Goodfellas
10:40 Equestria Royal Guards vs Team bLAk
10:48 San Diego Voltage vs Kodiak Republic
10:56 IV RAPTORS vs The Goodfellas 2
11:04 Heaven Hell vs Riverside Optimistic
11:12 Thorn Amongst Roses vs Chupacabras
11:20 SD Showtime vs Cobra Kai
11:28 The Goodfellas vs Equestria Royal Guards
11:36 Team bLAk vs San Diego Voltage
11:44 SD Notorious vs The Goodfellas 2
11:52 IV RAPTORS vs Riverside Optimistic
12:00 Chupacabras vs Heaven Hell
12:08 Kodiak Republic vs Thorn Amongst Roses
12:16 Equestria Royal Guards vs SD Showtime
12:24 San Diego Voltage vs The Goodfellas
12:32 Team bLAk vs SD Notorious
12:40 IV RAPTORS vs Cobra Kai
12:48 Riverside Optimistic vs Chupacabras
12:56 Thorn Amongst Roses vs SD Showtime
1:04 Kodiak Republic vs Equestria Royal Guards
1:12 Heaven Hell vs The Goodfellas 2
1:20 The Goodfellas vs Team bLAk
1:28 SD Notorious vs Cobra Kai
1:36 Riverside Optimistic vs San Diego Voltage
1:44 Chupacabras vs IV RAPTORS
1:52 SD Showtime vs Kodiak Republic
2:00 Heaven Hell vs Equestria Royal Guards
2:08 The Goodfellas vs Thorn Amongst Roses
2:16 The Goodfellas 2 vs Team bLAk
2:24 Cobra Kai vs Riverside Optimistic
2:32 San Diego Voltage vs SD Notorious
2:40 Chupacabras vs SD Showtime
2:48 IV RAPTORS vs Kodiak Republic
2:56 Heaven Hell vs The Goodfellas
3:04 The Goodfellas 2 vs Equestria Royal Guards
3:12 Cobra Kai vs Team bLAk
3:20 Riverside Optimistic vs Thorn Amongst Roses
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