8:00 The Punishers vs A-Z Snipers
8:06   TxR Brutality vs Tragedy
8:18 Tanks Ballers Green vs Houston Eliminators
8:24   Thunderstruck vs Texas Security
8:36 Texas tigers vs The Punishers
8:42 Houston Eliminators vs TxR Brutality
8:48   Tanks Ballers Green vs Tanks Ballers White
9:00 Tragedy vs A-Z Snipers
9:06   Houston Eliminators vs Texas tigers
9:18 TxR Brutality vs The Punishers
9:24 Texas Security vs Tanks Ballers White
9:30   A-Z Snipers vs Thunderstruck
9:42 Tanks Ballers Green vs Texas tigers
9:48   Tragedy vs Texas Security
10:00 The Punishers vs Houston Eliminators
10:06 Tanks Ballers White vs Thunderstruck
10:12   Texas tigers vs TxR Brutality
10:24 Tragedy vs Tanks Ballers Green
10:30   Texas Security vs A-Z Snipers
10:42 Houston Eliminators vs Tanks Ballers White
10:48 Thunderstruck vs Tragedy
10:54   The Punishers vs Tanks Ballers Green
11:06 TxR Brutality vs Texas Security
11:12   A-Z Snipers vs Texas tigers
11:24 Tanks Ballers White vs Tragedy
11:30 Houston Eliminators vs Thunderstruck
11:36   The Punishers vs Texas Security
11:48 TxR Brutality vs Tanks Ballers Green
11:54   A-Z Snipers vs Tanks Ballers White
12:06 Texas tigers vs Tragedy
12:12 Thunderstruck vs The Punishers
12:18   Texas Security vs Houston Eliminators
12:30 Tanks Ballers Green vs A-Z Snipers
12:36   Tanks Ballers White vs TxR Brutality
12:48 Texas tigers vs Thunderstruck
12:54 Tragedy vs The Punishers
1:30   Texas Security vs Tanks Ballers Green
1:42 A-Z Snipers vs Houston Eliminators
1:48   Tanks Ballers White vs Texas tigers
2:00 Thunderstruck vs TxR Brutality
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