Field 1Field 2Field 3Field 4
8:30 New England Blizzard IV vs All In Empire Worcester Surge vs The CT Effect New York Infectious vs NE United
9:00 ALL In Empire KidZ vs New England Blizzard IV Rod Squad vs Worcester Surge NE United vs Creed
9:30 ALL In Empire KidZ vs Mayhem Misfits Preferred mob vs All In Empire New York Infectious vs The CT Effect
10:00 Preferred mob vs Worcester Surge New England Blizzard IV vs Mayhem Misfits
10:30   New York Infectious vs Creed Rod Squad vs All In Empire
11:00 Preferred mob vs Mayhem Misfits ALL In Empire KidZ vs NE United
4:30 Preferred mob vs NE United Rod Squad vs Mayhem Misfits
6:30       Providence Rampage vs Rod Squad
7:00       Providence Rampage vs The CT Effect
7:30       Providence Rampage vs Creed
11:30 Mayhem Misfits vs NE United
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