NEXL 2012 Best of New England
8:15 Boston Bloodline vs New England Lobsters
8:45 New England Invasion vs Montreal Serial Killer
9:15 New England Lobsters vs S.I.N.
9:45 Boston Bloodline vs New England Invasion
10:15 S.I.N. vs Montreal Serial Killer
10:45 New England Invasion vs New England Lobsters
11:15 Boston Bloodline vs S.I.N.
11:44 Montreal Serial Killer vs Adrenalin Rush
11:45 Boston Bloodline vs New England Invasion
12:15 Mayhem vs Cookie Day
12:45 New England Blizzard-Riot vs Flying Jelly Attack
1:15 Mayhem vs Flying Jelly Attack
1:45 New England Blizzard-Riot vs Cookie Day
2:15 Cookie Day vs Flying Jelly Attack
2:45 New England Blizzard-Riot vs Mayhem
3:15 X-Finals-D4 Seed 1 vs X-Finals-D4 Seed 2
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