Field 1Field 2
8:30   Rough Riders vs Saco River Shipyard Ale
8:38   Rochester Raptors vs Headhunters
8:54   Jamaican Bobsled Team vs The Mob
9:02 Shipyard Green vs SINVASION
9:10   Rough Riders vs Ballin Crew
9:18 PooPs Mcgee vs Rochester Raptors
9:34   Headhunters vs The Mob
9:42   SINVASION vs Saco River Shipyard Ale
9:50 Jamaican Bobsled Team vs Ballin Crew
9:58 Shipyard Green vs Rough Riders
10:14   SINVASION vs Headhunters
10:22 Rochester Raptors vs Jamaican Bobsled Team
10:30 Saco River Shipyard Ale vs PooPs Mcgee
10:38   Ballin Crew vs Shipyard Green
10:54 The Mob vs SINVASION
11:02 Rochester Raptors vs Rough Riders
11:10   Jamaican Bobsled Team vs PooPs Mcgee
11:18   Saco River Shipyard Ale vs Shipyard Green
11:34 Headhunters vs Ballin Crew
11:42   The Mob vs Rochester Raptors
11:50   SINVASION vs Jamaican Bobsled Team
11:58 PooPs Mcgee vs Rough Riders
12:14 Shipyard Green vs Headhunters
12:22 Saco River Shipyard Ale vs The Mob
12:30   Ballin Crew vs Rochester Raptors
12:38   PooPs Mcgee vs SINVASION
12:54   Rough Riders vs Jamaican Bobsled Team
1:02   Headhunters vs Saco River Shipyard Ale
1:10   The Mob vs Shipyard Green
1:18   Ballin Crew vs PooPs Mcgee
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