Jax-Warriors (4)           1. BYE          
BYE G1 X-Factor (8)
Bushwackers (6)     X-Factor (3)
G13 16. BYE G9 PSP Stadium Thu 1PM
Gridlock (6)     Docs Raiders (6)
G17 PSP Stadium Thu 5PM 9. Bushwackers (4)
X-Factor   Gridlock (2)     G2 PSP2 Thu 8AM  
  BYE San Diego Ravenous (2) G21 PSP Stadium Fri 9AM
G23 PSP Stadium Fri 2PM Gridlock (9)   8. San Diego Ravenous (10)  
  Docs Raiders (6)
5. BYE
G29 PSP Stadium Sun 10AM X-Factor (9)   BYE G3 fusion (4)
  G25 PSP Stadium Sat 8AM G14 12. BYE G10 PSP Stadium Thu 8AM
        Docs Raiders (5) G27 PSP Stadium Sat 1PM
G18 13. BYE
  Hogans Alley Factory Team (4)   G4  
  BYE Docs Raiders (9)  
G28 PSP Stadium Sat 2PM X-Factor (11)   BYE   4. BYE  
  Docs Raiders
3. BYE
BYE G5 Hogans Alley Factory Team (5)
BYE     Jax-Warriors (8)
G15 14. BYE G11 PSP Stadium Thu 9AM
  X-Factor (7) fusion (14)      
G19 11. BYE
fusion (4)     G6  
  BYE Jax-Warriors (7) G22 PSP Stadium Fri 11AM
G24 PSP Stadium Fri 4PM BYE   6. BYE  
Jax-Warriors (5) G30 PSP Stadium Sun 3PM
7. BYE
    BYE G7 Diesel (8)
G26 PSP Stadium Sat 9AM G16 10. BYE G12 PSP Stadium Thu 10AM
  Diesel (3)     Diesel (3)    
G20 15. BYE
  San Diego Ravenous (2)   G8  
  BYE Gridlock (4)   X-Factor (3)  
  Diesel (6)   BYE   2. BYE  
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