1. BYE        
Naughty Dogs Inc. (11)     DYNASTY (7)
G7 8. BYE G5 PSP Fri 2PM
Naughty Dogs Inc. (9) G9 PSP Fri 3PM   Excessive (10)
5. Infamous (9)
Naughty Dogs Inc. (5)     G2 PSP Thu 11AM  
  BYE Infamous (5) G11 PSP Sat 11AM
G12 PSP Sat 4PM Avalanche (5)   4. Naughty Dogs Inc. (8)  
G14 PSP Sun 4PM Excessive
3. BYE
DYNASTY G13 PSP Sun 11AM BYE G3 Avalanche (6)
G8 6. BYE G6 PSP Thu 4PM  
    G10 Excessive (11)  
7. BYE
  Infamous (8)   G4   DYNASTY (6)  
  BYE Excessive (10)  
  DYNASTY (14)   BYE   2. BYE  
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