Smart Parts Sunday Schedule

7:30 WindyCity Kidz vs Richmond Rage
7:35 the gatekeepers vs Part-Time Ninjas
7:40 100 Proof Paintball vs Short Bus
7:45 Low Xpectations vs DiStOrTiOn
7:50 WindyCity Kidz vs Part-Time Ninjas
7:55 the gatekeepers vs Richmond Rage
8:00 100 Proof Paintball vs DiStOrTiOn
8:05 Low Xpectations vs Short Bus
8:10 Richmond Rage vs Part-Time Ninjas
8:15 the gatekeepers vs WindyCity Kidz
8:20 Short Bus vs DiStOrTiOn
8:25 Low Xpectations vs 100 Proof Paintball
10:00 Wild Bunch vs Draxxus All Stars
10:40 EGO MANIACs vs Wicked
11:30 Purdue University Boilermakers vs Army Black Knights
12:30 Wild Bunch vs Wicked
1:10 EGO MANIACs vs Draxxus All Stars
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