Empire Thursday Schedule

7:30 Calgary Ballistic vs Rodents D3
8:06 GRIDLOCK-RED vs Deadly Venoms
8:42 MIA OutKast vs Rodents D3
9:18 Deadly Venoms vs Calgary Ballistic
9:54 MIA OutKast vs GRIDLOCK-RED
11:00 Fokai vs FUSION
11:36 North Beast vs Underdogs
12:12 DBS Kidz vs FUSION
12:48 Underdogs vs Fokai
1:24 DBS Kidz vs North Beast
2:30 Misfit Toys vs Team No Name
3:06 IRP SkullHunters vs 2Xtreme
3:42 The Caste vs East Coast Killers
4:18 IRP SkullHunters vs Team No Name
4:54 East Coast Killers vs 2Xtreme
5:30 The Caste vs Misfit Toys
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