Smart Parts Sunday Schedule

7:30 Zone Factory vs R.T.G.
7:36 5CK vs Toronto Maverick Throttle
7:42 Total Karnage Kids vs Outlawz
7:48 Midwest Arson vs PX Army
7:54 Zone Factory vs Toronto Maverick Throttle
8:00 5CK vs R.T.G.
8:06 Total Karnage Kids vs PX Army
8:12 Midwest Arson vs Outlawz
8:18 R.T.G. vs Toronto Maverick Throttle
8:24 5CK vs Zone Factory
8:30 Outlawz vs PX Army
8:36 Midwest Arson vs Total Karnage Kids
10:00 5CK vs Long Island Caretakers
10:06 DBS vs Artifice Black
10:12 SoFla Pirates vs Zone Factory
10:18 Ghetto Smurfs vs Chicago WiseGuys 2
10:24 5CK vs Artifice Black
10:30 DBS vs Long Island Caretakers
10:36 SoFla Pirates vs Chicago WiseGuys 2
10:42 Ghetto Smurfs vs Zone Factory
10:48 Long Island Caretakers vs Artifice Black
10:54 DBS vs 5CK
11:00 Zone Factory vs Chicago WiseGuys 2
11:06 Ghetto Smurfs vs SoFla Pirates
12:00 LEGACY vs Wild Bunch
12:40 EGO MANIACS vs Maelstrom
1:00 Ghetto Smurfs vs SL Tension
1:06 Team RNT vs Chicago WiseGuys 2
1:12 METAL vs Total Karnage Kids
1:18 WHO WHAT vs Viper Kids
1:20 DBS Kidz vs The Shock Kidz
1:24 Ghetto Smurfs vs Chicago WiseGuys 2
1:30 Team RNT vs SL Tension
1:36 METAL vs Viper Kids
1:42 WHO WHAT vs Total Karnage Kids
1:48 SL Tension vs Chicago WiseGuys 2
1:54 Team RNT vs Ghetto Smurfs
2:00 Total Karnage Kids vs Viper Kids
2:00 University of Connecticut Huskies Blue vs AGD's Lock-N-Load
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