DLX Thursday Schedule

8:00 Richmond Rage vs DESERTORES VENEZUELA
8:25 Boom II vs Chicago BackDraft
9:15 Richmond Rage vs Chicago BackDraft
9:40 Boom II vs Revolution
10:30 NCPA All-Stars vs Dragones PBT Vzla
10:55 Syndicate vs Ccs Shockwave
11:20 The Buffet Bullies vs Dragones PBT Vzla
11:45 NCPA All-Stars vs Ccs Shockwave
12:10 Syndicate vs The Buffet Bullies
1:00 Alliance Tier III vs Papeletto Team
1:25 Project Mayhem vs Timberwolves
1:50 Chicago Warped vs Papeletto Team
2:15 Alliance Tier III vs Timberwolves
2:40 Project Mayhem vs Chicago Warped
3:30 Pautina vs TXR
3:55 Southern Maryland Mayhem vs Square 1 Soldiers
4:20 New England Invasion vs Playground Legends
4:45 Square 1 Soldiers vs TXR
5:10 Southern Maryland Mayhem vs Playground Legends
5:35 New England Invasion vs Pautina
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