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Welcome to Dead Legends 2 Registration

CPX is partnering with APPA, paintball's leader in event registration, to provide streamlined player registration and check-in for this year's event. Players will be able to register, pay and manage their and their friend's reservations at http://appapb.com/rec/CPX/DeadL2.

Final Online Reg Deadline: Nov 27th

Complete the online registration process by Nov 27th to use separate priority sign-and-go Express Pass Lanes when checking in.

Front-of-Line Express Pass Registration Deadline: Sep 15th

Pay your registration fee through Sep 15th and skip to the frot of the line with a Front-of-Line Express Pass.

Legendary Combo Pack

Entry, Air, 3 cases of Paint, and a of Charcoal Grillz mask for $299.95 - through October 1 only!

Get FREE Paint when you purchase at least 2 cases by 9/1!

More cases, more free paint!

2 Cases1 Bag FREE
3 Cases2 Bags FREE
4 Cases3 Bags FREE
5+ Cases4 Bags FREE

Must pay for registration and paint by Sep 1 to qualify for paint promo. Maximum 1 free case per player.

ItemThru 9/1Thru 9/15Thru 11/17Thru 11/27
Entry: $44.95$59.95$69.95
Air: $7.49$9.49$14.49
Case of Paint: $54.95$64.95$74.95
Super Early FREE Paint Bags:YES---
Express Pass:VIPVIPYes-

Important Notes:

  • Pay Now, Choose Later: You may pay for any number of player registration fees now and assign or change player names and side/legion preferences online anytime through Nov 27th. Changes after Nov 27th will incur a fee.
  • Make it a Gift: Check the Gift box to buy a registration, paint and other items as a gift for someone else
  • Add Items: Add paint and other items to your order online anytime through Nov 27th

Start your Dead Legends 2 registration below:

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