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Important Note from MXCTYOPEN2017:

Inscripcion Categoria Novatos $ 175 Dls o $ 3500 pesos 3 men Division 5 APPA Inscripcion Categoria Abierta $ 250 Dls o $ 5000 pesos 5 men Division 3 APPA Inscripciones Jorge Olguin MuciƱo cuenta HSBC 4016180960 Paypal: jorge.olguin.mucino@gmail.com Telefono de Contacto Cel. 55 5050 8558 visit: www.gotchamexico.com.mx

Mexico City Open 2017 - 1ra Fecha QueretaRock 29 y 30 de Abril 2017

Event Location: EVOLUTION PAINTBALL, Juriquilla, International (Map) (Directions)
Event Date: Saturday, April 29th to Sunday, April 30th
Registration Deadline: Wednesday, April 26th 06:00 PM EST

Entry Fee Deadlines and Team Limits

Group ClassThrough
April 26th
Signed UpPaidLimit
Division 5 RaceTo-1 (3-man)
Division 5 $175 10 10 15
Division 3 RaceTo-1
Division 3 $250 8 8 15
Payment deadlines are at 6:00 PM EST unless otherwise noted above.

8 RaceTo-1 teams paid of 8 teams registered.
10 RaceTo-1 (3-man) teams paid of 10 teams registered.
18 teams paid of 18 teams registered.

Free Agents for this event

Division 5 RaceTo-1 (3-man) (Sat)

Dark BladeRoster Payment Accepted
GORILLASRoster Payment Accepted
HenkerRoster Payment Accepted
JagersRoster Payment Accepted
NzakiRoster Payment Accepted
Paintbalaam CachorrosRoster Payment Accepted
PB cityRoster Payment Accepted
PRAETORIANOSRoster Payment Accepted
SPARTANS PBTRoster Payment Accepted
XanToloRoster Payment Accepted
10 teams paid of 10 teams registered in this division.

Division 3 RaceTo-1 (Sun)

Hormigas AtomicasRoster Payment Accepted
KINGS MAFIA 477Roster Payment Accepted
MEXICORoster Payment Accepted
PaintbalaamRoster Payment Accepted
VARANOSRoster Payment Accepted
VenomRoster Payment Accepted
White Lions EvolutionRoster Payment Accepted
8 teams paid of 8 teams registered in this division.

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