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Lauren's Hope Charity Paintball Tournament - 2008 Annual Lauren's Hope Charity Tournament

Event Location: Carolina Paintball Park, China Grove, NC
Event Date: Saturday, December 13th to Sunday, December 14th
Registration Deadline: Monday, December 8th 01:00 AM EST

Entry Fee Deadlines and Team Limits

Group Signed UpPaidLimitClassThrough
December 8th
Signed UpPaidLimit
Pump - Open X-Ball™
5 5 None Open $150 5 5 None
19 19 None Division 4 $150 11 11 None
Masters $150 8 8 None
32 32 None Division 3 $150 16 16 None
Division 5 $150 16 16 None
Payment deadlines are at 01:00 AM EST unless otherwise noted above.

5 X-Ball™ teams paid of 5 teams registered.
51 3-man teams paid of 51 teams registered.
56 teams paid of 56 teams registered.

Free Agents for this event

    • Pump - Open X-Ball™ (Sat) (5 Teams)
    • Fluffy BunniesRoster Payment Accepted
      No QuarterRoster Payment Accepted
      pump chumpsRoster Payment Pending - Pay Now
      Pump-It-UpRoster Payment Accepted
      The Buffet BulliesRoster Payment Accepted
      5 teams paid of 5 teams registered in this division.

    • Division 4 3-man (Sat) (11 Teams)
    • C LockdownRoster Payment Accepted
      Cash Money KillersRoster Payment Accepted
      CoalitionRoster Payment Accepted
      KarnageRoster Payment Accepted
      laurens krewRoster Payment Pending - Pay Now
      Off ConstantlyRoster Payment Accepted
      Predator PaintballRoster Payment Accepted
      Team JoeyRoster Payment Accepted
      The School of Hard KnocksRoster Payment Pending - Pay Now
      Three MusketeersRoster Payment Accepted
      VooDooRoster Payment Accepted
      11 teams paid of 11 teams registered in this division.

    • Masters 3-man (Sat) (8 Teams)
    • After HoursRoster Payment Pending - Pay Now
      Boss AARP BallersRoster Payment Accepted
      C.P.PRoster Payment Pending - Pay Now
      Cats CrewRoster Payment Accepted
      Master - BaitersRoster Payment Accepted
      Mid-knightsRoster Payment Accepted
      MPS II MasterRoster Payment Accepted
      The Good, the Bad & the UglyRoster Payment Accepted
      8 teams paid of 8 teams registered in this division.

    • Division 3 3-man (Sun) (16 Teams)
    • AggPBpics.comRoster Payment Accepted
      Bea's DestinyRoster Payment Accepted
      BlackoutRoster Payment Accepted
      Carolina StormRoster Payment Accepted
      Cosa KidzRoster Payment Pending - Pay Now
      GangLandKrewRoster Payment Accepted
      Gotcha CoveredRoster Payment Accepted
      Grindhouse FactoryRoster Payment Pending - Pay Now
      HIGH MEADOWS MAFIARoster Payment Accepted
      Hound Dog TruckersRoster Payment Pending - Pay Now
      Kryptonite GoldRoster Payment Pending - Pay Now
      L A S T C A L LRoster Payment Pending - Pay Now
      Nabisco KrackersRoster Payment Pending - Pay Now
      SC REACTRoster Payment Pending - Pay Now
      SHOKWAVERoster Payment Accepted
      Underground HeroesRoster Payment Accepted
      16 teams paid of 16 teams registered in this division.

    • Division 5 3-man (Sun) (16 Teams)
    • Arch AngelsRoster Payment Accepted
      Damage Inc.Roster Payment Accepted
      DevildogsRoster Payment Accepted
      DGS DistortionRoster Payment Accepted
      East Coast AssassinsRoster Payment Pending - Pay Now
      HITMENRoster Payment Accepted
      Kryptonite RTKRoster Payment Pending - Pay Now
      MPS IIRoster Payment Accepted
      N. C. Assassins BlackRoster Payment Accepted
      OblivionRoster Payment Accepted
      Proper VillainsRoster Payment Accepted
      SubmissionRoster Payment Pending - Pay Now
      Submission KidzRoster Payment Pending - Pay Now
      The DeacsRoster Payment Accepted
      The RegulatorsRoster Payment Accepted
      VitalityRoster Payment Accepted
      16 teams paid of 16 teams registered in this division.

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