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Important Note from NXL Europe:

Teams are accepted on a first-paid, first-reserved basis. You are not guaranteed a spot in the tournament until your entry fee is paid.

Teams and players needing to be invoiced without VAT should email Viktoriya@nxlpaintball.com.

Additional payment methods such as wire transfers and credit card processing will be available soon.

NXL Europe - 2019 World Championships at Amsterdam Open

Event Location: NXL Amsterdam, Nieuw Vennep, International (Map) (Directions)
Event Date: Thursday, September 26th 2019 to Sunday, September 29th
Registration Deadline: Monday, September 16th 11:59 PM CET

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Entry Fee Deadlines and Team Limits

Group Signed UpPaidLimitClassThrough
August 20th
September 3rd
September 16th
Signed UpPaidLimit
Pro X-Ball™
16 16 16 Pro EUR2.600 EUR2.750
(EUR150 Late Fee)
(EUR300 Late Fee)
16 16 16
38 31 80 Semi-Pro EUR1.500 EUR1.650
(EUR150 Late Fee)
(EUR300 Late Fee)
16 14 30
Division 2 EUR1.300 EUR1.450
(EUR150 Late Fee)
(EUR300 Late Fee)
14 10 40
Division 3 EUR1.200 EUR1.350
(EUR150 Late Fee)
(EUR300 Late Fee)
8 7 40
Division 4 X-Ball™
9 7 40 Division 4 EUR850 EUR1.000
(EUR150 Late Fee)
(EUR300 Late Fee)
9 7 40
Division 5 5-man
0 0 20 Division 5 EUR500 EUR550
(EUR50 Late Fee)
(EUR100 Late Fee)
0 0 20
Open 10-man
0 0 15 Open EUR500 EUR500 EUR500
* Open until 09/27 at 7:00 PM
0 0 15
1 0 None Open EUR300 EUR300 EUR300
* Open until 09/27 at 6:00 PM
0 0 20
Novice (D5) EUR250 EUR250 EUR250
* Open until 09/28 at 09:00 AM
1 0 None
Amateur EUR250 EUR250 EUR250
* Open until 09/27 at 6:00 PM
0 0 20
Note: All entry fees are subject to a 20% VAT. This price will be reflected upon checkout.
Payment deadlines are at 11:59 PM CET unless otherwise noted above.

54 X-Ball™ teams paid of 63 teams registered.
0 10-man teams paid of 0 teams registered.
0 5-man teams paid of 0 teams registered.
0 3-man teams paid of 1 teams registered.
54 teams paid of 64 teams registered.

Free Agents for this event

    • Pro X-Ball™ (Fri-Sun) (16 Teams)
    • Breakout SpaRoster Payment Accepted
      Cologne HurricanesRoster Payment Pending - Pay Now
      Edmonton ImpactRoster Payment Pending - Pay Now
      FiveStar GandiaRoster Payment Pending - Pay Now
      Golden State KingsRoster Payment Pending - Pay Now
      Houston HeatRoster Payment Accepted
      Joy DivisionRoster Payment Pending - Pay Now
      Kyiv UnitedRoster Payment Accepted
      MLKingsRoster Payment Pending - Pay Now
      Moscow Red LegionRoster Payment Pending - Pay Now
      OUTRAGERoster Payment Pending - Pay Now
      PARIS Camp CarnageRoster Payment Pending - Pay Now
      PPArena PilsenRoster Payment Accepted
      Red Storm MoscowRoster Payment Pending - Pay Now
      Ronholt BlastRoster Payment Pending - Pay Now
      Stockholm IgnitionRoster Payment Pending - Pay Now
      16 teams paid of 16 teams registered in this division.

    • Semi-Pro X-Ball™ (Fri-Sun) (16 Teams)
    • Bad Boys SevenumRoster Payment Accepted
      Ballistics GoettingenRoster
      Bergen LegacyRoster Payment Accepted
      Breakout Spa 2Roster Payment Accepted
      Brooklyn BearsRoster
      BulldogsRoster Payment Accepted
      Droogs FrankfurtRoster Payment Accepted
      FiveStar Gandia 2Roster Payment Accepted
      Joebar TeamRoster Payment Accepted
      Lion's MartignyRoster Payment Accepted
      London TigersRoster Payment Accepted
      Ranger WarsawRoster Payment Accepted
      Raskal SportsRoster Payment Pending - Pay Now
      RUSSIAN ROULETTERoster Payment Accepted
      S.L.BenficaRoster Payment Accepted
      Vienna UnitedRoster Payment Accepted
      14 teams paid of 16 teams registered in this division.

    • Division 2 X-Ball™ (Fri-Sun) (14 Teams)
    • Amsterdam NotoriousRoster
      Bad Boys Oss 2Roster Payment Pending - Pay Now
      Baltimore NastyRoster
      BIOHAZERoster Payment Accepted
      BuzotersRoster Payment Pending - Pay Now
      Droogs HorrorshowRoster Payment Accepted
      HBIHow Big Is PaintballRoster Payment Pending - Pay Now
      HEADSHOT MoscowRoster Payment Pending - Pay Now
      Ronholt DynamiteRoster Payment Accepted
      SA KnightsRoster Payment Pending - Pay Now
      Schoemberg Unleashed Roster Payment Accepted
      Ugly DucklingsRoster
      Virst Factory TeamRoster Payment Accepted
      Washington WinstonsRoster
      10 teams paid of 14 teams registered in this division.

    • Division 3 X-Ball™ (Fri-Sun) (8 Teams)
    • Boerie RollsRoster Payment Pending - Pay Now
      Consilium Dei ZuerichRoster Payment Pending - Pay Now
      Droogs UltrabrutaleRoster Payment Accepted
      Droogs UltraviolenceRoster Payment Accepted
      ENERGYRoster Payment Accepted
      LegacyRoster Payment Pending - Pay Now
      PiratasRoster Payment Pending - Pay Now
      7 teams paid of 8 teams registered in this division.

    • Division 4 X-Ball™ (Sat-Sun) (9 Teams)
    • Arnhem DynamicRoster Payment Accepted
      Black Lion's MartignyRoster Payment Accepted
      DeganRoster Payment Accepted
      Haematomics MoenchengladbachRoster Payment Accepted
      Jamaica WuppertalRoster
      Lion's Kidz MartignyRoster Payment Accepted
      Team AwehRoster Payment Pending - Pay Now
      WeidenkaetzchenRoster Payment Accepted
      7 teams paid of 9 teams registered in this division.

    • Novice (D5) 3-man (Sun) (1 Team)
    • Amsterdam PiratesRoster
      0 teams paid of 1 team registered in this division.

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